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Asymmetries – what is normal & how do I correct them?

We know that everyone has asymmetries associated with their running mechanics. At RunScribe, we look at Symmetry in a unique way – from both a motion & performance perspective.

  • On the motion front – we look at Pronation & Pronation Velocity
  • From a performance perspective we look at Shock metrics (Impact & Braking Gs) and Efficiency (Flight Ratio)

By looking at symmetry using these categories, runners can start to see not only where the asymmetries lie, but how they impact performance. And with our big data comparison – we can evaluate whether your asymmetries are low, medium or high, compared against the our database of millions of footsteps. But what is unclear is understanding at what point do these asymmetries pose a problem and how should you address them?

We’re putting that question to some experts, and will publish their recommendations. Stay tuned!


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