RunScribe Metrics

Footstrike Type

There are three general categories when describing Footstrike Type: heel, midfoot, and forefoot striker.  Footstrike can vary based on speed, terrain, footwear and fatigue. Understanding footstrike variance over the duration of a run and over time… Read More

Contact Time

Contact Time is the time in ms the foot is in contact with the ground, measured from heel to toe off.   Experienced runners tend to have s... Read More

Step Rate & Stride Length

Step Rate (SR) refers to the number of strides a runner takes per minute. Speed is a function of both SR and stride length (SL) and is calc... Read More

Pronation Velocity

Max Pronation Velocity is the maximum angular rate at which the foot pronates between footstrike and the point of maximum pronation – ... Read More

Pronation Excursion

Pronation has been labeled as a potential indicator for overuse injuries while running. However, it is a natural movement and is an effectiv... Read More

Impact & Braking Gs

When the foot impacts the ground it goes through a very rapid change in velocity from around 1 m/s to zero in a matter of milliseconds. This... Read More

Flight Ratio

The ratio of a runner’s “Flight” time in the air (non ground contact phase) and over all step time.  Step time is defined as ... Read More