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August 1, 2016
The Unescapable Fatigue Effect

In an earlier article, I discussed the mechanics of how fatigue impacts pace during a marathon, but what happens to other metrics like grou... Read More

July 22, 2016
Achieving Pace Consistency in Endurance Running

Pace consistency is at the heart of a runner’s training and is important for endurance races like the marathon. Coaches help athletes find... Read More

May 27, 2016
The Finish (NYC 2015)

The finish is where you dig deep, give it everything you’ve got, knowing that it will be over soon. In Ellie’s case, we see the... Read More

May 27, 2016
The Wall (NYC 2015)

The Wall is every runner’s torment.When will I hit it? Will I recover? How? Even an elite, consistent runner like Ellie, isn’t i... Read More

May 27, 2016
The Bridge (NYC 2015)

The Queensboro Bridge at mile 15 (25K) is considered one of the toughest points of the course, and with no spectators allowed on the bridg... Read More

May 27, 2016
The Start (NYC 2015)

Ellie was a seeded runner, meaning she got to start of in an early wave. The advantage is that she was able to get off the line quickly. Alt... Read More